New Jersey Politics

Since I have moved to America I have always been interested in your politics. Or shall I say our politics now that I am about to become a citizen! I must wait just one more year to apply for my official citizenship.

American politics on the whole is very interesting because it is very different from Italy. You have only two parties, and we have many, many smaller parties which must work together to form a government. This makes elections very complicated. It is much better in some ways though because the country is less easily to split between liberal and conservative. There are many different groups so it becomes harder to be completely partisan when you must work with at least two other parties to take control.

One thing that I have noticed that is very much the same is New Jersey politics. It seems to me very similar to how local politics work in my area in Italy around Genoa. There is a lot of local corruption and small town people who feel very powerful. I have been very interested to watch your governor Chris Christie become involved in what is to you  a large scandal about the bridge closures that happened when he directed. This is no surprise to us when we are dealing with Italian politicians. It is standard!

It also felt very familiar to watch him suck up, as you say, to Donald Trump in this past presidential election. It reminds me of how a city mayor will try to bribe and scheme their way to a higher office by becoming close with a leader of a larger party. It was very satisfying to watch him be rejected after the whole thing. One very nice part of being here is that Mr. Christie seems to be an exception instead of the common case.

As I have lived in New Jersey I have also been interested to watch Senator Cory Booker become more and more of a famous person in your national political world. He was elected while I was in university and many of my fellow students were happy but I did not know enough about your politics to understand why at that time. Now I have been paying attention for several years and I was very interested to see his speech at the Democratic convention this year. He seems like a man who is going to go very far and my friends from school have told me his speech is very similar to the one that President Obama gave in 2004 before he ran for president and became a national leader.

I was also very interested to see that Senator Booker became the first United States Senator to testify in a hearing against another Senator who was nominated to be the attorney general under President Trump. This seems to me a very bold move and I am not sure whether it seems good but it is certainly courageous. My friends from school tell me that it is another step toward running for president but that does not seem so bad to me. Mr. Booker is a much better example of a politician than the other figures I have seen in New Jersey. Perhaps he could clean up the state.

In any case I have been very intrigued, I think this is the word, to experience American politics up close since I have studied it in history in Italy but never in much detail with current affairs beside knowing your president. I am very excited that I will be able to vote in your next elections!

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