Climate Change is Here Already!

I have always been alarmed by the warnings of scientists around climate change. It seems to me the greatest threat we have faced as humans since the plague and yet there does not seem to be much call here in the United States to do anything about it.

This is interesting because back in Italy we are all very conscious of climate change. Venice is one of our most beautiful cities and it is sinking quickly into the ocean, and the rising seas are making it happen even more quickly. We are also used to seeing changes in the temperature of our seas and to seeing heat rise even more each summer season so that it becomes like the north of Africa at some times.

In New Jersey, I do not think many people care about climate change. In fact many people actually do not believe that it exists. I do not know how you can deny something that the entire scientific world has proven to be true but still many of my neighbors and especially the older ones do not accept it. Still, I have heard many stories of increasing disaster and before I bought my beach home, when I was at university, we had a hurricane strike, Hurricane Sandy. Many people were shocked. But even though the scientists are telling us the storms will become more severe and the coastal homes are at risk now they still rebuild them in exactly the same way. It is very confusing to me.

Anyway, I am anxious to learn any news I may regarding climate change and the rising seas because I now own a home that is directly in the line of fire, as you say. I was very alarmed to read that there is a new study that shows that the change in sea conditions may accelerate and escalate even faster than we have thought.

According to what I have read, every sea change model we have seen, which have been very alarming already, is based on the Atlantic current (which keeps England and Eastern Canada very mild) staying the same. But researchers say that might not always be so stable. They ran predictions without the current staying exactly the same, and their models show that it could fall apart in 300 years. That means those temperate areas will become very stormy and much colder. It is like The Day After Tomorrow! Luckily they said that this is an extreme scenario and they still need to study a more natural arc of change. But it is still very scary! Especially when now we hear that the melting in Greenland and Antarctica may become permanent.

I have been telling all of my neighbors about this and encouraged them to be more cautious and take steps to keep safe from extreme storms and rising water. I feel even more prepared now than I did before I got my generator and safe box. I will feel even better when I have finished preparing wood panels to cover my windows when the next hurricane arrives. I hope very much that we will all take more urgent action to fight climate change before it is too late!


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