Getting a Beach House Ready: My Advice on Buying the Best Generators and Emergency Supplies to Make it Through Storms

Hi! After this past year’s many storms, I decided I needed to become more prepared for when the next ones hit. I have only owned my beach house for two storm seasons, and buying the house wiped out my cash so I have not had the chance to do much work on it since then. This month I have been getting together some preparations to make it more secure. This blog is about all the changes I have made, which I hope you will find interesting. They will also be useful pieces of advice to anyone with a beach house also.

The first thing I went out to buy was a generator. It is very important to have electricity to use when the power goes out. However I do not much like the gas generators because they are very dirty and not so good for the planet. I also do not want to have to leave my house during a storm and after all if it is dangerous enough that power goes out it cannot be safe for a gas motor either. I bought a Goal Zero solar generator because the company I work for receives a discount, and I read many positive reviews online. Read on for more info. I like it because I can simply charge the batteries on a sunny day and then store them for when I need them and check that they are topped up. It is much simpler than buying gas, and I will not have to leave the house in a storm to use power. Everything is very clean and will work much more reliably than gas power. I can also attach a gas generator in the case that I need even more backup, since I saw that Goal Zero just announced that they will make a gas double backup at this year’s CES!

I have also put together a backup store of food that will be good in an emergency. This is something you should do in any house and especially a beach house according to the government website I looked at. I keep canned foods like beans and chilis and soups as well as some fruit juice to have nutrition. There are also vitamins and some plant protein powder because I will not be able to have fresh things, I am thinking.

One other thing I learned from government websites is that it is important to have not only a safe but a water and fire resistant box in which to keep important papers and valuables like money. I have bought a small lock box that is bolted to my closet floor and it is safe from water and fire. I keep my property deeds and emergency identifications there.

I have also purchased a radio in case of emergencies. That is something that some older residents of houses nearby to me have recommended. I have not had an analog radio since I lived in Italy as a child but I have bought one that can be charged by winding a knob so that I do not need to have electricity or use my generator to run it. It is just for emergency alerts so it is being stored in my waterproof box to protect it.

I now have a shovel as well that is collapsible so that it fits easily in my closet in case sand washes over my porch and I cannot get out of the door. This is something I have been warned about also. You must have a shovel to dig yourself out like you would in an area with a lot of snow.

I’ve also got sandbags to prevent the doors from being blown in in a gale which is very dangerous. I keep them in the cellar passageway for when they are needed. They were very heavy but I am glad that I will have them just in case. I also learned that sandbags are one of the cheapest things to buy for an emergency.

Finally I am currently still working on having to cut boards to fit my windows in case of strong wind and rain that may break them. I will put boards in the windows and screw them to the wall if things get very bad. It is better to put holes in the walls than to lose windows and much more if water comes in.

I feel much better now that I have taken these steps. I hope I can encourage you to do the same if you live on the coast and please don’t forget to consider getting the best rated whole house generator. Thank you!

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